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PIX 270i Complete Kit

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The PIX 270i KIT is a complete production accessory kit for the PIX-270i rack-mount video recorder. The PIX-RACK mounting accessory is not included.


The PIX-DOCK is a Thunderbolt® adapter that provides high-speed transfer to and from a Thunderbolt-enabled computer. It is designed for use with the PIX-CADDY 2 connected to SATA I/II/III drives...as well as a PIX-CADDY with SATA I/II Drives.


Assorted shims for use with solid state drives. Includes shims for use with approved Samsung, Intel, and other 7 mm drives. Increases SSD thickness from 7 mm to 9 mm making them mechanically compatible with the PIX 220(i), PIX240(i), PIX 250i, PIX 270i, and PIX 260i.


Description: Universal, 66 W in-line AC-to-DC power supply XLR 4-pin DC connector; with detachable IEC power cord. 100–240, 50/60 Hz. Included accessory with the PIX 270i, PIX 250i and PIX 260i.

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