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A Cinematographer's View: The PIX-E Series
Cinematographer and author Barry Andersson discusses the practical benefits of the Video Devices PIX-E Series of 4K external recording monitors for video professional everywhere. Learn more about the PIX-E Series at: For more info about Barry, visit: Vi...
TIPTORIAL: How to Disable a Camera's HDMI Overlay Display
Quick Tiptorial demonstrating how to disable/enable the camera's HDMI Overlay display setting for your PIX-E Series recording monitor. A BlackMagic Pocket Cinema Camera was used for this demo.
TIPTORIAL: Customizing Your Main Menu on PIX Audio & Video Recorders
For this Tiptorial, we are demonstrating how you can customize your main menu on a PIX Recorder and the 970- enjoy!
5 Reasons the PIX-E Rocks!
We wanted to show you guys the 5 reasons why we think our PIX-E series rocks! Check it out: 1. Design 2. Touch Screen & Tactile Controls 3. Dual Recording 4. Video Assist Features 5. Speeddrive 6. (bonus) PIX-LR
Joseph Pelegreen PIX-E Experience
Filmmaker and co-founder of Lastminute Productions, Joseph Pelegreen, used the PIX-E series for his upcoming documentary "Mamakrom." Read the full action story here:
PIX-E Series Adds New Video Assist Features
The Video Devices PIX-E Series of 4K recording monitors now offers new video assist features with the release of Firmware Version 3.50. With this firmware update the PIX-E Series offers key playback functionality, including the ability to: • Add, delete, and locate to cue markers • Create a cus...
Why the Pros Choose the PIX-E Series
Video Devices, a brand of video products by Sound Devices, reached out to a few of our users to find out why they choose the PIX-E Series of 4K recording monitors – and the responses were revealing! No paid endorsements. Just straight talk from the pros! Special thanks to: • Brendan Banks ...
InBroadcast InSight at IBC 2016 - SOUND DEVICES
Jon Tatooles, Co-Founder, Chief Business Development Officer, Sound Devices, shows some of the stand highlights for the company at IBC 2016,, including the Wingman App and the PIX-Base monitor mount, to InBroadcast's Ashley Blankenship...
Introducing the PIX-Base Mounting Accessory
Video Devices introduces PIX-Base, a sturdy, flexible mounting accessory for its popular line of PIX-E Series 4K-compatible recording monitors. The tabletop-friendly PIX-Base is an easily adjustable design of durable, anodized aluminum that collapses flat for easy storage and transport. PIX-Base off...
H.264 Recording for the PIX-E Series Recording Monitors
Video Devices launched Firmware Version 3.00 for its PIX-E Series of 4K-compatible recording monitors, which adds the H.264 codec as well as the ability to simultaneously record a high-quality, edit-ready Apple® ProRes .mov file and a much smaller H.264 .mp4 file. Paul Isaacs, Director of Product...
The Sound Devices Difference: Customer Support
Meet the Sound Devices Technical Support team! This video highlights why our tech support is second to none. The team is knowledgeable, personable, and they genuinely care about solving any issue our users may encounter. Contact our support department for pre- and post-sales product inquiries. For...
InfoComm 2016: Sound Devices Exhibits Video Devices PIX-E5 Monitor
InfoComm 2016: Sound Devices Exhibits Video Devices PIX-E5 Monitor
InfoComm 2016: Sound Devices Displays PIX 270i Recording Device
InfoComm 2016: Sound Devices Displays PIX 270i Recording Device
InfoComm 2016 | Sound Devices
Sound Devices, LLC is exhibiting at InfoComm 2016 - Booth #6443 - in Las Vegas. Here's Chris Mittlesteadt giving a quick demo of our PIX 270i video rack running frame-synchronized grouped playback. This feature was added in the Firmware Version 2.30 release. Video was shot on an iPhone.
Jon Tatooles Sound Devices #2016CineGearExpoLA
Jon Tattles from Sound Devices Talks to Nikki about new products including a camera monitor PIX-E5 and PIX-E5H that also records images and video as well as multiple on screen features at 2016CineGearExpoLA.
VideoDevices PIX E and PIX LR 4K Recorders and XLR Audio Inputs
At NAB 2016, we talked with Jon Tatooles of VideoDevices about their PIX-E series of 4K recorders and their new PIX-LR Audio Mixer which integrates with the PIX-E recorders. The PIX-LR looks especially interesting to me and runs only $399 USD for a dual XLR input/dual XLR output audio mixer with the...
Sound Devices Updates the 688 Mixer & PIX-E5 Interface Firmware
From No Film School's complete coverage of NAB 2016: Sound Devices continues making it easier to get clean audio from larger groups of people. We got a taste for the scale of Sound Devices recording ambition's last year as they introduced the 688, a 12 input 16...
Jon Tatooles-Sound Devices #NAB
Dugan Automixing debuts for the 688 Mixer at Sound Devices at NAB 2016. Also, Jon Tatooles talks about the newest developments of the Pix-E series.
Video Devices at NAB 2016
We visit the Video Devices stand and talk to Paul about the Pixie Series at NAB 2016. For more of our content please visit:
Introducing the PIX-LR
Video Devices is thrilled to introduce the PIX-LR – a first-of-its-kind audio interface accessory that brings unparalleled audio quality to video production via the PIX-E Series of 4K recording monitors. With its signature Sound Devices-designed mic preamps, wide dynamic range and superb limiters...
Why the Pros Choose Sound Devices
We reached out to some of the best and brightest in the production sound industry for some straight-talk Q&A. No scripts, no paid endorsements. We just wanted to find out, in their own words, why they choose Sound Devices gear for their work. Their responses were incredible. Special thanks to each ...
Video Devices at BVE 2016
Looking at the PIX-E range with Video Devices focusing on the PIX-E7. For more of our content please visit: KitPlus would like to thank RTS, Axle, IDX, Ravensbourne, MW Video Systems, Libec, NewTek, VideoSys, Panasonic, Sony, AKM Music, Vinten, Polecam, PAG, Holdan, S...
Creating a LUT in Premiere Pro CC
In Part 1 of this 2-part video tutorial, Director/Cinematographer Paul Leeming of Visceral Psyche Films walks users through the detailed process of creating a LUT, beginning with a Log format image and ending with a demonstration of how to export the LUT for use with a Video Devices' PIX-E recording...
Using a LUT with the PIX-E Series
In part 2 of this video tutorial, Director/Cinematographer Paul Leeming of Visceral Psyche Films demonstrates how to use the newly created LUT with the Video Devices PIX-E7 recording monitor. This includes proper formatting of the PIX-E monitor, and applying the LUT. Paul also demonstrates what the ...
LCD Orientation Menu for the PIX-E Series
With the firmware version 1.30, the PIX-E Series introduced a new LCD orientation sub-menu. PIX-E users of all cameras now have the ability to mirror and flip the on-screen display to operate a PIX-E monitor from various mounting positions. Click the following link to download the latest PIX-E Ser...
Configuring Audio for the PIX-E Series
This video provides a brief overview of the Audio menu for the Video Devices' PIX-E Series. Learn how to configure audio, including selecting an input source, and arming or disarming a track. More information can be found in the PIX-E5/H or PIX-E7 user guides.
Introducing the PIX-E7
The Video Devices PIX-E7 4K recording field monitor is now shipping worldwide! The PIX-E7 caters to a diverse range of production professionals – from Directors of Photography to video assist technicians - who are operating equipment ranging from the latest DSLRs to larger cinema-style cameras. T...
Video Devices PIX-E Series at the 2015 NAB Show New York
This video also appears on An interview from the 2015 NAB New York Show with Gabriel Benitez of Video Devices. Sound Devices, LLC, designs both Sound Devices audio products and Video Devices video products. Sound Devices offers portable audio mixers, digital audio record...
Record Trigger Setup for the GH4 and PIX-E5
TimeSaver video on how to setup on record triggers for the Panasonic GH4 and the Video Devices PIX-E5 and PIX-E5H recording monitors. Learn more at
Record Trigger Setup for the A7S (Mk I & II) and PIX-E5
Joon Hong Tham, Sony Professional Camcorder Marketing Manager, walks PIX-E users through setting up record triggers for the Sony A7S. The setup is the same for the Mk I & Mk II. The video was shot at a Sony event in Germany. Learn more at
Video Devices @ IBC 2015 - KitPlus
KitPlus / TV-Bay interview at IBC 2015 in Amsterdam with Paul Isaacs, Director of Product Management and Design at Sound Devices, LLC. The interview highlights the Video Devices line of on-camera PIX-E Series recording field monitors and accessories. Watch part 2 of the interview on the Sound Devic...
IBC2015: Video Devices Pix-E Recorder & Monitor
Paul Isaacs from Video Devices presenting the Pix-E family of professional touchscreen recorders with 5 or 7 inch displays: Pix-E5, Pix-E5H, Pix-E7. He also shows the new audio accessory PIX-LR — an audio I/O unit with XLR connectors. Playlist containing all IBC2015 videos produced by film-tv-vi...
PIX-E5H Now Shipping
We're thrilled to announce that Video Devices' PIX-E5H recording field monitor is now shipping! Click here to get more info: Find a reseller:
SpeedDrive Overview & Assembly - Video Devices
The Video Devices SpeedDrive is a portable enclosure, with a USB 3.0 interface, especially designed to house non-proprietary, mini-SSDs called mSATA drives. Learn more about the SpeedDrive at
PIX-E5 -VS- The Boot
See how Video Devices' PIX-E5 holds up against "The Boot"! With its compact, die-cast metal chassis and LCD protected by Gorilla Glass 2, the PIX-E5 is designed to withstand the most extreme and demanding production environments.
The PIX-E Series - 4K Recording Field Monitors
Video Devices' PIX-E Series monitors are the perfect accessory for cinema-style cameras. Now shipping globally, the PIX-E5 - the world's most compact 4K recording monitor - offers advanced monitoring, unsurpassed recording and rugged durability. Visit to find a reseller near yo...
PIX-E5 – Compact 4K Recording Monitor | NewsWatch Review
The Video Devices PIX-E Series are a range of camera-mounted HDMI and SDI recording monitors that give videographers the ability to monitor and record video at a much higher resolution and quality than a typical camera. The PIX-E's also provide a full range of focus, exposure and framing tools but t...
Video Devices PIX-E5 versus a Car
How does the Video Devices PIX-E5 hold up under the pressure of a car tire? Watch and find out.
Sound Devices' 4K Monitors Offer Touch Sensitivity & Full Range of Apple ProRes Codecs
Sound Devices came out with a new line of field monitors, the PIX-E Series, which offers tons of monitoring tools, SDI and HDMI I/O, 4K recording, and the full range of Apple ProRes codecs. Learn more:
Video Devices PIX-E5 - A Small 4K Recorder Not to Be Missed!
See the related article on cinema5D:
TapZoom Demo
A brief demonstration of the PIX-E Series TapZoom™ feature.
Inside the Media Approval Process
Take a look inside the Sound Devices media approval process! Sound Devices extensively tests storage drives and removable recording media to ensure they meet the highest of performance and reliability standards. Only the best make it on the Approved Media List and become recommended for use with o...
Sound Devices & Video Devices Recorder Metadata and Sound Reports
Homebrew tutorial about the Metadata, Sound Report and other cool features from the new v2.10 firmware for the Sound Devices 970 and Video Devices PIX 270i, 260i and 250i rackmount recorders
PIXNET Overview
PIXNET is a powerful web server with an intuitive interface that allows users to control all aspects of the PIX Rack recorders remotely from any web enabled device!
PIX Rack Recorders - Ethernet File Transfer
This video is a quick set-by-step video tutorial on how to transfer files over a network using the PIX recorders. The PIX recorders uses the industry standard SMB file transfer protocol.
FileSafe™ - File Recovery System
FileSafe™ - File Recovery System protects against file loss in the event of drive disconnection.
270i Quick Start Video Guide
This guide is intended to get you quickly up and running with the PIX 270i video/audio deck. Much of this will also apply to the PIX 250i, 260i and 970 audio deck.
PIX 270i Frame-Synchronized Recording and Playback
Video Devices PIX 270i Multi-Unit Frame-Synchronized Recording and Playback Tutorial. Visit to learn more about the Video Devices PIX 270i network-connected video deck.
PIX 270i Multi-Drive Recording
Overview of the PIX 270i simultaneous and sequential multi-drive recording feature including basic setup instructions.
PIX 240i Interconnection and Settings with Sony F3
Setup and interconnection between Sound Devices PIX 240i and the Sony F3.
Canon C500 Interconnection and Setting with the PIX 240i
Quick overview of getting 4:4:4 video from the C500 to the PIX 240i.
Sound Devices PIX 240i Interconnection with Arri Alexa
Jesse describes the simple process to set the PIX 240i to record and follow from the Arri Alexa. Start/Stop, time code, and file name metadata are carried across from camera to recorder.
PIX 240i Overview
A brief overview of the PIX 240i and its important features.
PIX 2.01 Firmware Overview
Video highlighting the latest features added to the PIX 220 and PIX 240 Portable Digital Video Recorders with firmware rev 2.01. Features include: Alexa file metadata support, Playlist options, Aspect Ration Conversion, and enhance Audio Delay control.
PIX 220 and PIX 240 Version 2 Updates
A brief overview of the enhancements added to Sound Devices PIX 220 and PIX 240 recorders. Added features include: monitoring features for exposure and focus, playback features with looping and cues, audio input flexibility, and standard definition recording.
PIX Video Recorders - Scaler Overview Overview - Sound Devices
Paul Isaacs gives an overview of the hardware scalers on the PIX 220 and PIX 240 recorders. These scalers can convert between different frame rates (for instance 59.95i to 29.97p) and video resolutions (720 to 1080).
PIX Video Recorders - Storage Media Overview - Sound Devices
Paul Isaacs provides an overview of the file storage available on the PIX video recorders
PIX Video Recorders - Sync Overview - Sound Devices
Paul Isaacs gives and overview of the sync tools available on the PIX video recorders.
PIX Video Recorders - Introduction - Sound Devices
Paul Isaacs provides a brief overview of the PIX Video recorders.
PIX Video Recorders - Video I/O Overview - Sound Devices
Paul Isaacs gives an overview of the video I/O on the PIX video recorders.
PIX Video Recorders - Audio Connectivity Overview - Sound Devices
Paul Isaacs gives an overview of the audio I/O and control on the PIX 240 video recorder.
Importing DNxHD Quicktime Files Into Avid Media Composer
Jesse Parker shows how to both import and AMA link Quicktime files from the PIX recorders into Avid Media Composer
3:2 Pulldown Removal with PIX 220 and PIX 240 Recorders
Take a brief look at how 3:2 pulldown removal works with the PIX recorders. This is the process to extract 24 frame progressive information from a 1080i60 stream.
PIX 220 and PIX 240 Menu Customization
Jesse describes how to set up menu customization for the PIX 220 and PIX 240 recorders.
Sound Devices PIX 240 with RED Epic
Connection of PIX 240 as ProRes and DNxHD recorder with the RED Epic Camera. File name metadata and SDI start stop flags are supported on the PIX 240.
Transferring Recorded Files from a 970 via Ethernet
This video offers a brief tutorial on how to transfer recording files from a Sound Devices 970, PIX 270i, PIX 260i, or PIX 250i recorder to a computer via ethernet. Paul Isaacs, Director of Product Management and Design at Sound Devices, demonstrates this process using PIXNET - a web server that all...
Creating Sound Reports for the 970
Timesaver video on how to create a sound report for the 970 audio recorder using either PIXNET or the front panel of the 970. This is the same process for the Video Devices PIX 270i, PIX 260i and PIX 250i video recorders.