Read the POST Magazine review of the PIX-E5 that was published in their February 2016 issue.

POST magazine PIX-E Review

"There were quite a few new and updated products introduced throughout 2015 that helped reshape the production landscape. The Video Devices Pix-E5 field monitor should be part of that discussion. The PIX-E5 is a very cool monitor/4K recorder that yields excellent results without breaking the bank. It’s a well built, rugged product that should be taken seriously by industry professionals — after all, it’s what most shooters and editors want. The PIX-E5 delivers the goods — it’s a smartly-designed product that delivers on performance and reliability.

Video Devices calls the PIX-E5 a 'recording field monitor.' And they hit it right on the head, too. Discerning digital film producers and directors (like myself) have to know that what we see on the monitor is what we are filming and recording. Speaking from experience, there is almost nothing worse than not being sure of what ware recording. Sometimes, there just isn’t the time (or money) to shoot multiple takes. Reliability is crucial to all projects, as was the case on several re-cent shoots. The PIX-E5 excelled when it mattered and provided true-to-form images and recordings throughout the recording/monitoring process."

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