Pro Moviemaker Magazine in the UK wrote a feature article on the PIX-E Series for their spring 2016 issue.

Pro Moviemaker PIX-E Series Feature

“It’s obvious when a range of products has been designed by a team that has first-hand experience and understanding of what a working filmmaker might actually need, and the PIX-E Series most definitely falls into that category. Not only are the three products – the PIX-E7, PIX-E5, and PIX-E5H – outstanding in terms of the significant functionalities they offer, but they’re also designed to stand up to the toughest production environments in the real world.

Check out the eyebrow-raising video of a PIX-E monitor being run over by a car that we’ve linked to later on: believe it or not this product was still in good working order once it had been picked up and dusted off. The reason it survived such an extreme test is two-fold. First of all, the chassis of the monitor is made from die-cast metal, meaning that it’s incredibly strong. The second part of the equation is the Gorilla® Glass 2 protected LCD, which again is capable of taking a hammering, and the combination of both of these features ensures that everyday bumps and scrapes aren’t going to have an effect.

So we’ve covered durability; what about performance? An impressive feature set ensures that the Video Devices’ PIX-E range can deliver just about anything that a contemporary filmmaker might require, whether they happen to be working with a CSC, DSLR, or a larger cinema-style camera.”

Click the following link to read the web version of the entire Pro Moviemaker feature on the PIX-E Series.